Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A really fun speaking engagement

Yesterday morning we were blessed with the opportunity to give a really fun presentation.  While we do many speaking engagements in the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas, we typically are sharing our specific expertise on subjects like pre-employment screening, where there are hundreds of little regulatory nuances, or evidence photography, where it is important to be consistent with your protocols and document everything perfectly. When we got the invite to speak at University Village, a very elite country club style retirement living complex, we jumped at the change.

We always put a lot of prep work into our speaking engagements. When we first started planning our presentation, we were thinking about how retirees might need investigative services.  The people who invited us had recently had a speaker cover the topic of scams, so that was out. We even briefly pondered doing a speech on "how to protect your grandkids when your kid's marriage breaks up."

After a little conversation with their leadership at University Village, it quickly became apparent that we live weird and fascinating professional lives, and what they really wanted was a window on our world.

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